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30 Things to Do This Ramadhan with Your Family!

Make time this Ramadhan to connect with your family with these simple, fun and practical ideas that won't take up too much time, money or energy!

Day 1: Ramadhan Paper Chain. Join thirty decorated paper links together and then tear one off each day until Eid.  Watch as the family excitedly counts down to eid celebrations!

Day 2: Study the 99 Names of Allah.  Pick one and find out about it's meaning and relevance. Very young children can colour in a printed outline of the word and older children and teens can research and produce art work.

Day 3: Sadaqa Saver. Find a clear glass jar or container. Decorate it, label it and encourage everyone to put some money in it throughout Ramadhan to donate at the end of the month.

Day 4: Learn List. Have every family member make a wish list of things they would like to learn or pray by the end of the month. Display it somewhere prominently to track each others progress.

Day 5: Reconnect with Relatives. Write the names of family members that you don’t often speak to onto slips of paper.  Put them in a hat and pull out a name; call or arrange to visit them today.  You could repeat this every few days or every week.

Day 6: Ramadan Treasure Hunt. Hide cryptic clues in the park, garden or house; leading to a hidden 'treasure'. The clues can be about anything related to Islam; Sahabas, surah's, historical events; you could also provide a map.

Day 7: Makeshift Masajid.  For one day only, assign a room in the house as a dedicated place of worship. Set out prayer mats in rows facing qibla, along with Qu'rans, tasbeehs and prayer books. You could have someone call out the adhan. Insist on masajid etiquette throughout the day. Remember no wordly talk allowed!

Day 8: Clear the Clutter.  Ramadhan is a chance to cleanse the mind and body.  Use today to clear a physical space as well - a neglected drawer, a bookshelf, a forgotten corner.  Get the family fill a bin bag of unwanted items and donate it to charity.

Day 9: Bake Date Muffins. Distribute them amongst both Muslim and non-Muslim neighbours with a gift tag marked 'Ramadan Mubarak'. Use a pack of shop bought dates if you can't spare the time or energy to bake.

Day 10: Zakat Calculator.  Teach the family how to work out Zakat calculations even if it’s a long way off them becoming eligible to make contributions.  Get everyone to list their prized possessions as 'assets' and give them an approximate value; help them work out 2.5% of the total value.

Day 11:  Deploy the Fashion Police. Task each member of the family to find a piece of clothing or accessory that they consider un-Islamic.  The criteria could be immodesty, ostentatious or unethically produced. Discuss the principles of Islamic dress and use this to guide the next shopping trip.

Day 12:  Litter Pick the Neighbourhood.  Whether its just about you picking up rubbish from  outside your own home or mobilising a whole team with extended family members, friends and neighbours to clean up your street, there is a great reward in this act.

Day 13: Tasbeeh Day.  Give each member a tasbeeh and challenge them to pray as many of a pre-agreed prayer.  For young children, stick to short easy phrases such as the takbir or shahadah. For older children, pick something longer like Surah Fatiha or Surah Yaseen.

Day 14: Save the Planet. Everyone should identify an everyday product or activity that can easily be substituted for an environmentally friendly alternative. Make a firm commitment to use your new found alternative for the next year.

Day 15: Publish a Family newsletter.  Invite each family to contribute a column about any recent news, reviews and opinions about the family’s Ramadhan.  Keep it as a family record for years to come or send copies to family and friends.

Day 16: Go on a Virtual Hajj.  Whether you're a seasoned hajiani, your tickets are booked or Hajj is a distant dream -  spend the day involving each family member with acting out pilgrimage rites and reciting hajj prayers.

Day 17: Special Suhoor. Go all out to put on a fantastic feast at suhoor time instead of at iftar.  Wake up earlier than usual and allow more time for the meal.  You could even invite family and friends to join in.

Day 18: Study the Moon. Go to the library and borrow books or research the moon online.  Each family can pick an interesting fact that they have learnt and share it with the family at iftar.

Day 19: Plant a Seed. Or a bulb, shrub or tree - anything that requires just a pot, some compost, and a dedication to watering. Label your pots and remind everyone to care for their plants well after Ramadhan is over. Plants such as cress or mustard are very quick to grow at any time of the year.

Day 20: Write a Poem. Your subject is another family member.  Write or type it out onto a coloured piece of paper, embellish it and give it to your muse on Eid Day.

Day 21: Stage a Ramadhan Exhibition.  Have everyone collect artefacts relating to Ramadhan or eid. Group your collection on a wall or display table for the rest of the month. Label each piece with a title, date of origin and a brief description.

Day 22: Create an Amnesty Box.  Encourage family members to place their ‘contraband’ items -things that could be considered unconducive to living a Sunnah way of life - into the box. Keep these items confiscated until the end of Ramadhan and then reflect on whether you can all live without them in your home.

Day 23: Make an Eid Mubarak Banner.  Get the family to join in and be as creative and ingenious as you can. Use whatever medium your family enjoys working with; paper, fabric, felt, wood, metal or anything that you can easily source. Utilise the artistic skills of each individual to create a unique piece of family art.

Day 24: Family Goal Tree. Write down individual goals onto leaf shaped pieces of paper and hang them from a cardboard tree. Each persons goals could revolve around their home life, family, spouse, academic achievements or career.   You can 'grow' your family tree throughout the year by adding more 'goal leaves' as you remove the ones that have been achieved.

Day 25: Iman-Booster Day. Get everyone to double their worship today.  Pray a little more than what you normally would; it could be extra nafl rakats or surahs of the Qur'an.

Day 26: Make a Scrapbook. Invite the whole family to fill it with clippings, photos, messages and inspirational quotes from the Quran and hadith. Leave a few blank pages for friends and family to write messages on Eid Day.

Day 27: Design Eid Stationary. Make greeting cards, gift wrap paper, gift tags, placeholders, anything that will help to celebrate the big day in your unique family style.

Day 28: Moon Sighting Adventure. Take the family on a moon sighting mission whether or not you live somewhere where the moon will be visible in the night sky.  Any after dark outdoor trip will be exciting to young and older intrepid explorers alike!

Day 29: Rehearse a Nasheed. Preferably one about Ramadan or the family.  Assign each family member a few lines depending on their age and then ‘perform’ it together after iftar.

Day 30: Bake Eid Cookies. Use star and moon shaped cookie cutters and use coloured icing to decorate them. Gift wrap them in cellophane and ribbon to distribute to friends and neighbours.

This article first appeared in Issue #68 of SISTERS Magazine.  Read the article on the SISTERS Magazine website. 

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